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Protect your agents from abuse and harassment

IP blocking

The cases when people abuse companies’ live chat are not rare today. Such abusers not only waste your agents’ time, but also create stressful atmosphere and distract from assisting real customers. The IP blocker can help to prevent such abusers from contacting your chat and will save your agents’ time and nerves.

You can block a single IP or the whole subnet in your account Control Panel on the Account Settings / Block Visitors page. You just need to add the abuser’s IP address or the whole subnet by using a subnet mask slash notation and then save your updates. In case abusers use VPN or dynamic IP, blocking will make no sense as they will continue accessing your chat from different IPs. In this case you just need to ignore their chat requests and close them in your agent app.

Agents can block abusers' IP addresses directly from their desktop apps. In this case the IP address will be blocked for the whole account. A comment can be added to each blocking case to let co-workers know the reason.

Country blocking

If your business operates only in specific area and you do not want to waste your team’s time on chatting with visitors from other regions, you can easily show or hide your live chat button for specific countries.

You can enable or block access to your live chat from specific countries in your account Control Panel on the Account Settings / Block Visitors page. You just need to select the option whether your would like to allow access or block it and select the country from the list. You can add several countries if necessary. To save your updates you need to click “Save” button after you have completed adding countries.

Harmful files blocking

If you do not require your customers to send you executable files, scripts, archives or documents you can block such files in your account on the Account Settings / Live Chat Window page. You can allow transferring only images files in your chat. In this case you will protect your agents’ computers from viruses which may be hidden in archives, documents, executable files or scripts.

Image preview

In case your visitors send your agents in chat improper images, it is possible to disable image preview by default and then activate it per chat room if necessary. This option in available in the desktop agent app in Tools / Options / Message Pane. You can enable or disable images preview by default there. In case you need to enable or disable it per chat room, you can click special Hide / Show image previews icon in the toolbar.

Protect your chat from using on random websites

Website blocking

Website blocking may be necessary to prevent abuse of your live chat support. For example, your chat link can be illegally copied and added to a different website or even your entire website can be copied without your permission. For such cases we added a possibility to restrict access to live chat from specific URLs. You can add a list of allowed links or links to be blocked on the Account Settings / Block Visitors page in your account.

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