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According to an ancient proverb, it is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times. We agree with that. That's why we created a number of educational videos that can help you to get acquainted with Provide Support Live Chat system, setup your live chat account the way you need, integrate live chat to your website, master agent apps and other chat tools, and improve your customer support team skills.

Live chat tools and apps overview

Short videos that allow you to see customer service chat in action - from both visitor and chat agent sides. Learn about applications we created to provide support to your customers and to improve your customer service team performance.

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Live chat and CMS integrations

Learn how to integrate live chat with your Wix, WordPress or BigCommerce based website.

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Live chat setup, configuration and usage

From short videos about some particular feature setup and usage to an ultimate live chat setup guide.

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Customer support tutorials

Pro tips from our customer support experts about live chat communication style, ways to prevent or solve difficult situations, making customers happy.

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