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You can streamline your chatting workflow by creating departments and assigning your agents to them. In this case your customers will be able to select the needed department on your pre-chat survey and the chat will be directed to the agents assigned to that department. It is also easy to transfer a visitor to another department by inviting an agent assigned to that department.

By grouping your agents you give them an ability to focus on their responsibilities and assist only with questions in their field of expertise. On the other side, your customers can choose the needed department and receive fast and professional assistance without wasting time on live chat transfers.

In our system the account manager can create predefined responses for the whole account, for different departments and individual responses for agents. This helps to hide unnecessary details and keep only valuable information at fingertips. When removing a department the predefined responses are not lost, they can be reassigned to a different agent, department or become available to all of them.

Team structure management

Provide Support offers the following features which help to manage your team and create an efficient company structure:

  • Assigning agents to departments
  • Easy and fast live chat transfer between departments
  • Departments selection field for the pre-chat survey
  • Ability to send messages to offline departments
  • Possibility to reassign predefined responses while removing a department

And the main thing – you can create any number of departments in your account, no matter what kind of subscription plan you have.

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