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Check the detailed information about Provide Support service features. Embedded customizable live chat window, real-time visitor monitoring, native chat agent app with spell checker, chat statistics and many more.

Download Provide Support features overview

Live Chat Widget

Add a live chat widget to your website to let your customers contact your customer service team by clicking a chat button on your website


Generate reports on your agents’ performance and success. Get basic traffic information and details on the referral sources.

Chat Routing

Select most productive for your team chats routing method: to all agents, random, based on their load or order they log into their agent apps.

Agent Management

Assign your agents to specific departments, make their profiles personal by uploading agent photos and adding email addresses.


Enable secure connection and privacy settings to comply with data protection regulations. Hide sensitive information from monitoring results.


Set or import the list of answers to most frequently asked questions. You can assign it to all departments and agents or create separate lists for them.


Get live chat conversation to your email address and send transcripts with missed chats to a separate email address.


Customize the list of questions you want to ask your customers before they start chatting with you. Create custom drop down lists.


Do not wait for a feedback, ask for it right after your chat conversation and monitor your agents success in your agent stats app.


When your chat or specific department is offline, you can offer your customers to fill out the offline form, which will be sent to your email address.

Eye Catcher

Draw attention of your customers to the live chat button on your website by adding your custom greeting which will appear in a text bubble.


Invite customers who are browsing your website to chat with you. Customize live chat invitation to match your website color scheme.

Own IPs Filtering

Filter out your company's and individual agents' IPs from your real time monitoring results. Avoid confusion while sending proactive invites.


Send files of any format during the chat. Preview media files both in agent app and chat window. Restrict sending potentially harmful file types.

IP Blocking

Block IP addresses of visitors who contact your customer service team with purposes of abuse and flood.

Website Blocking

Prevent abuse of your customer service team by blocking certain website URLs where your live chat account is used illegally.

Country Blocking

If your company works only with specific countries, you can allow access to live chat only from those countries by adding them to the allowed list.

Agent Forced Logout

If your agents forget to log out of their agent apps, you can do this remotely by logging them out with help of Forced Logout feature.


Correct grammar and spelling show the professional level of your customer service team. Enable spell checker in your live chat agent app.


Select language customization for your account, time zone and proper email encoding for chat transcripts and offline messages.


Update your company welcome and offline messages as well as other messages which appear automatically on specific events.

New Chat Message Alert

Your customers will not forget about their chat with new chat message alert which appears next to your live chat button together with the latest message.

Privacy and Security

We care about your data security by offering secure connection and by sending chat transcripts via the encrypted channel.

Enterprise Live Chat

Great live chat features for large corporations. Convenient agents and chats management. Volume discounts and flexible payment options.

Online Presence Monitoring

Get alerts on your live chat availability. You can get an email notification when your chat is offline and when it goes online