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Integration process for Weebly based sites is very easy. You just need to add your live chat code as a drag-and-drop custom HTML element:

  1. Log into your Provide Support account Control Panel, follow My Account / Chat Button Codes page and copy there Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images.
  2. Log into your Weebly dashboard, choose the required site from My Sites drop down and click Edit Site.
  3. Drag Embed code widget to your website. It does not matter where you add it as the chat button position is set in your Provide Support Account Settings on the Live Chat Window page Embed Code widget in Weebly dashboard
  4. Click Click to set Custom HTML on the added widget, then choose Edit Custom HTML and insert your chat button code to the box Edit embedded code in Weebly dashboard
  5. Publish your update
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