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Provide Support live chat can be integrated with SITE123 web building platform with help of 'New Custom Code' block in SITE123 dashboard. This feature is available only for paid version of this website builder. To add live chat to SITE123 you need to do the following:

  1. Log into your Provide Support account Control Panel, follow My Account / Chat Button Codes page and copy there "Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images"
  2. Log into your Site123 dashboard
  3. Follow Settings / Plugins menu SITE123 admin settings
  4. Click 'Manage' button in Plugins and Custom Code section SITE123 admin - plugins and custom code section
  5. Click 'Add New' button
  6. Follow 'Add New Custom Code' SITE123 admin - adding custom code
  7. Paste your chat button code
  8. Publish update

You can change the look and feel of the chat button and the chat window on the Account Settings / Live Chat Window page in your account. With help of the Eye Catcher feature you can add a custom greeting which will appear on each page load, on next visit or after a specified time period.

Provide Support and SITE123 integration is very easy and straightforward. With help of it you will be able to chat with your existing and potential customer in real time, help them with purchases and follow their shopping process in the agent app.

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